A Brickhouse Incinerator

I was conversing with a friend recently, discussing the issue of preachers among us walking away from holiness and Apostolic doctrine. He made the statement, “Their ‘revelation’ today is building a prison that their children will inhabit tomorrow.” This statement brought to mind a sobering story heard recently. Pastor Doug White, from Silsbee, Texas was… Continue reading A Brickhouse Incinerator

Preaching to Penetrate

By Larry Moyer Speaking to a broken heart is like giving nourishment to a starving child. Speaking to a hard heart is like correcting a rebellious teenager. So how do you do it? If you’re looking for an easy answer, it’s not there. But here are some helpful ideas – ones that may crack open… Continue reading Preaching to Penetrate

Revelation and Truth

The work of the Holy Spirit in communicating God’s truth to man is now seen to have two stages. The first and objective stage is “revelation,” the disclosure of the truth in Scripture. The second and subjective stage may be called “illumination,” the enlightenment of our minds to comprehend the truth disclosed in Scripture. Each… Continue reading Revelation and Truth

Do we have “all truth”

By Darren Shelton Some have asked the question, “do we have all truth?” This is a prudent question with a simple answer and a right answer. Understanding that clarification is key to properly pursuing “all truth.” The simple answer is no, we don’t have all truth in the sense that we don’t know everything there… Continue reading Do we have “all truth”