Isn’t It Strange?

Isn’t it strange, that princes and kings, and clowns that caper in sawdust rings, and common-folk like you and me, are builders for eternity? To each is given a bag of tools, a shapeless mass and a Book of Rules; and each must make ‘ere time has flown, a stumbling block or a stepping stone.… Continue reading Isn’t It Strange?

Help Wanted: Outreach Minister

Dear friends, The Pentecostals of Kentwood is currently looking for a solid ministry couple (or individual) that is talented, self-motivated and creative to lead our Outreach and evangelism ministry. This is currently a volunteer position, and responsibilities would include the following: Directly responsible for Outreach and evangelism for POK in the Kentwood, MI and surrounding… Continue reading Help Wanted: Outreach Minister

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Quoted: Jay Jones on signs

We should be less concerned with the signs before us, and more concerned with the signs that follow us.

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Poem: I Met God

by Ralph Cushman I met God in the morning, when my day was at its best. And His Presence came like glory, a sunrise in my breast. All day long His Presence lingered, all day long He stayed with me… And we sailed in perfect calmness, O’er a very troubled sea. Other ships were blown… Continue reading Poem: I Met God