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The question was asked of me recently whether I support the concept of Collegial Eldership in the church. To define the term, “collegial”, for those who may not be familiar with it, it denotes having authority or power shared among a number of people associated as colleagues. Specifically in the case of Collegial Eldership, it is a shared role of “pastor” by several people within one congregation. Presbyterian churches, for example, primarily work this way.
I am not staunchly against the idea, and feel that it’s valid in the sense of …

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2. Renewing of the Mind
3. Soulwinning and Witnessing
4. New Creation Realities – Who We are in Christ
5. Reaching Your Destiny in God
6. Jesus the Healer
7. The Authority of the Believer
8. How to Pray Effectively
9. Walking In the Fear of the Lord
10. The Church and Its’ Mission
11. Tithing and God’s Prosperity Plan
12. The Person and Power of the Holy Spirit Today
13. How to Grow Spiritually
14. Walking In the Wisdom of God
15. Fundamentals …