A Brickhouse Incinerator

I was conversing with a friend recently, discussing the issue of preachers among us walking away from holiness and Apostolic doctrine. He made the statement, “Their ‘revelation’ today is building a prison that their children will inhabit tomorrow.”

This statement brought to mind a sobering story heard recently.

Pastor Doug White, from Silsbee, Texas was approached by a father/son team in his church about a ‘job opportunity’ that was presented to them. The Dad is a foreman on large construction jobs, and he was given a proposal to manage a large project in Iraq. The project involved laying steel-reinforced blocks, which would withstand an extremely ‘high level’ of heat. With the impending pullout of US armed forces, Iraq is beginning to manufacture huge incinerators… for human beings! The incinerators, to be built in various locations around Iraq, are required to be very large and capable of accommodating, ‘hundreds’ of bodies at one time. This move is in anticipation of a massive uprising of violence after the US leaves.

I began to think about this “opportunity” to build brick houses to burn the dead in. As ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to build something today. Will it be a house of refuge where the lost can find life? Or will it be a brickhouse kiln of false doctrine where future generations will burn to ashes?

We cannot afford to compromise on the Truth, on holiness unto God, and evangelism of the Lost. Not for any reason.

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  1. After walking away from God and living a life with no boundaries, no limitations, and certainly no holiness, I have found that this “freedom” is actually a prison. Approaching holiness from a consecration standpoint is the key. The liberaration that is found in committing these things to God is like no other. The important thing is to not view holiness as a set of rules, but a way to get closer to Him. Thanks for this site, Bro. Jones. It’s a daily help to me.

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