Woman Freezes to Death Just Outside Church

A woman found lying in the snow outside a church in South Lanarkshire froze to death, it has emerged. The woman was alive when she was discovered by the church organist on a path in the grounds of St John’s Church in Carluke on Sunday morning. She was taken to Wishaw General hospital but died… Continue reading Woman Freezes to Death Just Outside Church

Care Bag Outreach

Over the last several years, our church has been involved in a type of outreach termed, “Servant Evangelism”, where we endeavor to bless our communities with the love of Christ without asking anything in return. Often, churches are perceived as constantly having their hand out asking for things, and we want to turn that perception… Continue reading Care Bag Outreach

Lord, save them from their trial, but not from their sin…

I wonder how often we do a disservice to those we love who are out of the Faith? Abram’s nephew Lot went to the sinful twin-cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. After a time, Lot is taken captive when the cities were besieged, and Abram sets out with his armies to defeat his captors. Afterward, the… Continue reading Lord, save them from their trial, but not from their sin…

Thrown From the Bridge

Sermon illustration in this. How often souls are “dropped”… perhaps there are those who are willing to sound the alarm? Perhaps there are those who are willing to “gather by the river” to rescue them? Or perhaps there will be many who simply drive by, watching through the safety of their car window and do… Continue reading Thrown From the Bridge

Apostolic Revival Corps (ARC)

When I was Section Youth director about 10 years ago, I started a program called, ARC (Apostolic Revival Corps) that traveled to various HM churches in our district and conducted training, outreach and services. Our team was made up from 20 to 30 young people from our section and included musicians, young preachers and passionate… Continue reading Apostolic Revival Corps (ARC)

Going All In

It does not matter where you are in life, whether you are a college student, a new accountant, or a single parent, every stage and position in life presents the opportunity to risk something valuable for God. Living for a Cause (3 Hebrew children) Prioritizing Priorities (Mary, sister of Lazarus) High Risk Investing (Philip and… Continue reading Going All In

Backpack Beverage Outreach – Black Friday and Beyond!

The day after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday”, the day when companies around the U.S. come out of the “red” and into the “black”. They do this by offering exceptional sales and make up profit in volume. The kicker is this… it’s COLD and people start arriving to wait in line at, like 4am for the… Continue reading Backpack Beverage Outreach – Black Friday and Beyond!

Responsibility to Reach the Lost

The responsibility to reach the lost has never been more urgent! The destiny of men and of nations is always being decided.   Every generation is strategic; but none more strategic to end time Apostolic revival than the present. We are not responsible for the past generation, and we cannot bear full responsibility for the… Continue reading Responsibility to Reach the Lost