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[29 Jan 2009 | No Comment | 415 views]

Sermon illustration in this.
How often souls are “dropped”… perhaps there are those who are willing to sound the alarm? Perhaps there are those who are willing to “gather by the river” to rescue them?
Or perhaps there will be many who simply drive by, watching through the safety of their car window and do absolutely nothing?
A father allegedly threw his four-year-old daughter off a bridge in front of the girl’s two young brothers and scores of motorists during rush hour in Melbourne today.
Witnesses said Arthur Phillip Freeman, 35, suddenly stopped his …

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[21 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 580 views]

God may be calling sinners, but His people are not answering when they go looking for help. A nationwide telephone survey failed to make contact with a real person at 40 percent of churches, despite repeated callbacksCup to a dozen times. Only half of those churches in which no one picked up the phone had an answering machine.
Though many churches cannot be reached by phone, they are still sending a message to inquirers, said George Barna, whose Barna Research Group surveyed 3,764 Protestant churches across the country. “If churches really …