Six Stages of a Vision

ImaginationStage– This is the fun stage where you get to think outside the box and dream about possibilities.  Typically you’re focused on solving a problem that is close to your heart and praying through ways God wants to use you to make a difference. Preparation Stage – This is the hard work of putting together… Continue reading Six Stages of a Vision

How To Say No

Leaders often find themselves stretched and overcommitted due to a desire to see progress. When asked to do, help, or perform, the passionate leader feels obligated to always say, “Yes”. However, there are times when the correct answer is, “No”… Sometimes, it’s just a bad idea. Sometimes it’s a good cause, but committing oneself would… Continue reading How To Say No

Traditional Ministry vs. Passion-based Ministry

Traditional ministry is action based. It follows the following progression: Action (starts with deciding what you want to do) Program (developing a program to accomplish the same) Mission (adapting that to your mission) Vision (basing your vision on your program’s potential) Formation (praying for God to bless what you have done) Passion-based ministry is God… Continue reading Traditional Ministry vs. Passion-based Ministry