Sermon Creation

Thoughts by Pastor Jay Jones Determining your text Finding your scripture text can be accomplished a variety of ways. The preacher can   choose a text, use a text that is assigned to him, or work through a prebuilt list of texts from his previous study. It is valuable to write down insights and scripture… Continue reading Sermon Creation

Divine Flesh Doctrine (Heresy)

By Anthony Tamel Bro Tamel is co-pastor of Parkway Apostolic Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Published in the Forward Magazine Summer 2001 The Controversy There is nothing new about controversy. Most churches differ in various matters of teaching, even among Apostolic churches. Some controversies are more serious than others, and one of the more seri-ous… Continue reading Divine Flesh Doctrine (Heresy)

Foundational Families

Notes from Scott Sistrunk, career church planter I have observed that the key to a new church plant making it can be boiled down to this ….3 Foundational Families….. By foundational families I mean, families that are absolutely apostolic and are at least as deeply, if not more, committed to the church as the pastor…in… Continue reading Foundational Families

10 Reasons You May Not Pastor A Thriving Church

By Jay Jones Every church should be a thriving church, regardless of their size or location. To thrive simply means to prosper; to be fortunate or successful. Growth should always exist within a church and is sometimes seen as communal, sometimes spiritual, and sometimes numerical. While there are many dynamics that come into play with… Continue reading 10 Reasons You May Not Pastor A Thriving Church

PK’s And Their Dads

Note: This is an article about “Preacher’s Kids” written by Tony Suarez, of Iglesia De Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia where to start… I’m not sure who to write to: the PK’s or the Fathers… I knew at a very young age that I was going to be in the ministry…actually I can’t think of anything… Continue reading PK’s And Their Dads

Four Types of Church Leaders

1.   Relational leaders are the care givers and sales people of the world. They influence through their superior people skills. Relational leaders gain followers by genuinely caring for them. They are both introverts and extroverts, but they excel in making people feel good about themselves. 2.   Teaching leaders have the power of communicating… Continue reading Four Types of Church Leaders