Processing the Call to the Ministry

This video explores the call of God on an individual’s life and gives some sound advice on how to process this incredible experience. Please take a moment to comment after you’ve watched and leave your own thoughts or experiences about confronting the call of God in your life.


  1. Thank you, Bro. LaRue…
    I hope it adds value for someone. The call of God on a person’s life is one of the most difficult concepts for a person to process. I remember how it messed me up when I started really feeling it! Thank God I took the time to “consider the cost”.
    I appreciate you, brother!

  2. 🙂 Thank you, Brother McCool!
    By the way, I loved your article on “dealing with discouragement” on your website… excellent.

  3. Very sound advise. Thanks for sharing. From a PK raised around a continual working of the ministry, too many simply follow in mom or dad’s footsteps like a carrier. The steps that you have outlined should be taught in PK Retreats so that they have no mixed emotions about how God’s call comes into a life.

    God bless,

  4. Thank you for your wise counsel. I wrote down your 10 points and am going to prayerfully consider them as I examine myself and seek to clarify the call of God on my life. I am truly grateful for the time and labor you are spending to make this excellent website available.

  5. Brother Miles, Thank you for your kind words. Preaching Points has been a tremendous blessing to me, and a joy to publish! I pray that God blesses you in your pursuit to please him, friend… In Jesus’ name!

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