How is Your Bible?

Professor Grant Horner  was flown to 3-day interview/grilling process at Master’s College. At the end of the interview he was ushered in to Dr. MacArthur’s private study, where he was asked one question: “Can I see your Bible?”

Horner thought he would be horrified, because it looked like it had been through a typhoon — unloved and neglected.  That old Scofield was literally read to tatters by then — covers absolutely gone, spine vanished away, glue-backing visible and all curled up, stitching coming apart, the prefatory material destroyed all the way up to Genesis 1 and the concordance vanished past the entry for “sin.”  It was unbound, with stringy mess and paper debris hanging out. He was so embarrassed. He thought the doctor would chastise him and recommend he get a new study Bible if he was serious about the Word.

However he flipped through it and handed it to his wife and said, “If your Bible is falling apart, you probably aren’t.” And he was hired on the spot.

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