The Edge of the Coin

Only a couple of years ago a new dollar was released. The interesting thing about this, is that the inscription in God we trust seem to have been removed. Upon further inspection, it wasn’t actually removed, but just slipped to the edge of the coin. The argument was that there just wasn’t any room for it anymore, as other elements were deemed more important. After the days go by, and through the wearing of time and usage, what is the first to be worn away? You guessed it… the inscription on the edge. Now, not only is the inscription on our government issued coin fading way, but it’s also being rubbed away from the conscience of the American citizen. No longer are we a nation who “Trusts in God”, but rather we have become a nation who trusts in self… trusts in men… trusts in governments and systems.

It seems that, just as with the dollar coin, when we allow the inscription of Jesus Christ slip to the edge of our life, it will eventually be worn away by time and use and we will forget who we trust in and belong to.Don’t let God slip to the edge of the coin.


  1. Thanks so much, Craig… I think this could still be used as an illustration, both of the gradual slip that takes place as well as (with your addition) the ability to correct it!

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