Marriage and God: Will You Divorce Me If I…

In the sanctity of the marriage relationship it would be absurd to live each day in a constant dare, regularly seeking how far one could go before the spouse will be pushed to divorce. It would be considered beyond despicable for one of the married partners to always be looking to see how much they can get away with before the relationship is too strained.

Yet, in daily spite of the God who loves them, many people do this very thing. They question, “will I go to hell if I (fill in the blank)?” or, “is this a heaven or hell issue?” Constantly questioning how far they can go, or how much they can get away with before they’ve gone entirely too far.

In a loving marriage relationship, one would never ask their spouse, “How little is required of me in order to please you?” Instead, one would ask, “What more can I do to please you?”

Similarly, we should not ask the Lord, “How little is required of me?” but rather, “What more can I do to please you, Lord?”

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