It’s Monday… Be Careful Pastors

Some words of caution and advice from Clayton King regarding the Monday phenomenon that mounts upon pastors, ministers and church leaders.


1.   You are most vulnerable to criticism and discouragement.   Hold off on most calls and emails til Tuesday.   They can wait unless they are a medical or spiritual emergency.

2.   You are susceptible to sexual temptation, whether in person or online.   Monitor your mood and your online activity everyday, but particularly on Mondays.

3.   Fatigue from Sunday means you have less energy to focus on important tasks on Monday.   Schedule, in advance, important meetings, including staff meetings (if possible) to Tuesday.

4.   Hold off on making big decisions (staff, budget, family decisions) until you have had time to reconnect with God and regroup personally.   Most big decisions can wait a few days and the extra time may bring greater clarity.

5.   Plan margin on Monday.   Create uncluttered space to read, reflect, pray, eat lunch with your wife, take your kids to school, go to the gym, or (gasp!) take a nap.   You worked hard yesterday.   Take some time to rejuvenate today.

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