Five Questions Ministers Should Ask Themselves

Pastor Doug White of Silsbee, Tx proposes the following questions that a man – if he is serious about ministry – needs to ask himself from time to time… and CAREFULLY consider the answers to the questions.

Questions like…

  • Is there anything in my attitude that would cause my Pastor friends to be concerned about using me.
    • Spirits make men. When the spirit is wrong the contents of the vessel is going to come out tainted.
    • Guard Your Attitude!
  • Am I as serious about God being pleased with my life as I was when God first called me.
    • Infatuation fades and admiration eventually falls by the wayside. If you’ve lost that seriousness about living a life pleasing with God you have NOTHING to say to a congregation.
    • Make pleasing God a priority!
  • Do I love people enough to help even the ones that aren’t behind my ministry and could care less about my future.
    • Ministry is NOT rooted in a ‘call to preach’ but in loving people enough to make a difference towards them with no thought of ‘personal promotions’.
    • Ministry is not about you… it’s about others.
  • How has our lifestyle today ‘opened’ or ‘closed’ doors for me and my wife to preach out wherever God may afford the opportunity?
    • Come on, now… is a silly wedding band, short hemline or anything else really more important to me than the ability to follow my ministry wherever God leads it? Carrying those things into a man’s Church who struggles with those elements among his people simply means you feel your calling is to cause confusing in God’s Kingdom.
    • Get over your preferences because you’re supposed to belong to Him.
  • Do I really, with pure honesty, realize how fragile a ministry really is?
    • One false accusation can do it. One temper tantrum can facilitate it. One hot dispute with your wife can assist it. Hell wants to destroy your ministry and if you can help him by being careless his job is much easier.
    • You better learn to live life in such a way that you stop putting yourself in a compromising position.

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