Dealing with Discouragement in Ministry

1 Kings 19 speaks about the prophet Elijah when he ran away from the wicked Jezebel who had threatened to kill him.   Elijah was tired.   He was discouraged and depressed and he actually asked God to kill him.   He had a very, very low spot emotionally.

God places these narratives in scripture so that we can see that we are not alone when we are struggling.   The greatest men and women of God in history have battled the same thoughts and fears that we face every single day, and we are not alone.

Following are six ideas of what to do when the discouragement comes and the depression sets in.   These are the six things Elijah did, and after he did them, God gave him strength for the journey and he traveled 40 days and 40 nights to Mount Horeb, the mountain of God.

1.   He got away – he left his surroundings

2.   He got alone – he left his servant and traveled a day in to the desert by himself

3.   He got honest – he spilled his guts to God and told him exactly how he felt inside

4.   He got rest – he laid down under a tree and fell asleep

5.   He got fed – twice an angel delivered food to him for nourishment

6.   He got up – God restored his strength and commanded him to get up for his next assignment

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