God Made Some Questions Without Answers

It truly seems that God made some questions without any answers for their mate,
Yet men seek, and even invent, answers to questions which are never complete nor are succinct
Indeed, the angels must look on in wonderment at the portrayal of men’s versions that can never sate
“I have light,” says one man and wonders why his fellow mates continue to think his answer indistinct.

Life, as God designed, has those places where man is left speechless
And all the wonderings of the human mind are left adrift amid a fathomless sea.
Yes, there are those moments in life that beg for an answer but God chose to leave it answerless.
Why did He make it so—to create questions that have neither conclusions nor even a key?

Could it be that the Master chose in His Wisdom, in order to manifest His glory
Created some questions in life that plague and confuse a man,
So that men would come to realize that in some things the answers are not in their inventory
And would begin to seek the One Who holds everything in His hand?

Sometimes the answer we need is not found in the hearing of great explanations
But in those times the answer we need is the sense of a great shadow of peace
That assures us rather than answers us and puts an end to fearful argumentations.
This must be why God made some questions without answers of release.

~ Rev. James Groce