Leadership Kit

All leaders would do well to have certain items in their possession to remind them of the meaning of ministry. Here’s what I have in my Leadership Kit…

To forget people’s mistakes, failures and complaints

Bendy straw
Flexible but still functional

Willingness to stretch
Knowing your limitations

Shows what the size/growth (spiritual & maturity) of our group can grow to depending on how much we put in

Little bag of M&M’s
Mentoring (always share your M&M’s)

So that everyone is attached to the group
Don’t work well when they’re bent out of shape

Rain coat
Let things roll of your back

“Reserved Seating” sign
There’s always room for one more

Remember not to let the rocks cry out
there is no right to throw it
It only took one stone for David to kill Goliath

Thank You note
You won’t get one very often, so keep this one handy… Pull it out when you need it, because though people don’t say it, they do feel it.

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