Success of a Pastor

~by Jay Jones

For me, success will come when I can do as the unnamed servant of Abraham, who went
to find a bride for his master.

He was unnamed, so his anonymity would bring glory to his master, and not himself.
He was unselfish, as he gave everything to his master’s pursuit.
He sacrificed himself, his plans, aspirations and ambitions to fulfill his master’s request.
He made a journey of faith to a place he’d never been to reach a bride he’d never met,
and brought her back to a place he’d never leave.
He prayed for direction and wisdom, and received it.
He never complained, profaned or shirked his duties.
He cared for and protected the bride on the journey… careful to preserve her for his
After all his sacrifice, passion, toil, and obedience, he simply bowed out of the way and let
the bride dance with her husband.

To me… that’s the success of a pastor.


  1. Thanks, Paul…
    I think you’re right on. When we “seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness” we can consider ourselves successful no matter what the case.
    I appreciate you, my brother!

  2. Jay.

    In reconsidering this excellent post, I thought that this really define the success of the saint as well as the pastor and minister. Everyone born into the kingdom is called to find the bride for the master. To “go ye”. To go into the highways and byways and compel them to come.

    Finding the bride and equipping her to keep her oil full and lamp trimmed – the calling of the saint and the preacher.

  3. So true, Brother. There is great reward in simply fulfilling the Great Commission, whatever capacity of ministry it may be.

    I appreciate you so much, friend!

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