Welcome to the Preaching Points RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

If you were to pick between coming to Preaching Points and letting Preaching Points come to you, what would you choose?

For those who prefer the latter, RSS feeds are available free!

RSS/XML feeds can update headlines on your computer software as they change through Preaching Points. New content can fly to your desktop faster than it takes to say ‘What’s new?’

Here are our RSS Feeds:

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What do Preaching Points RSS feeds do?
They gather together the most recent items from our website – and deposit them all on your desktop or in your favorite online News reader. So, in effect, if you don’t stop by the site, the headlines pretty much pay your computer a visit!

How do I read these feeds?
Once information about news items is in RSS format, RSS reader software can check for changes and updates. These headlines will appear on your screen with a summary. If you like what you see, you can always click through to the full copy on the Preaching Points site.

Some free RSS readers are (In no particular order):

1. Feedreader:
2. BlogStreet Info Aggregator:
3. AmphetaDesk:
4. Wildgrape NewsDesk 1.1:
5. Beaver:
6. SharpReader:
7. KlipFolio:
8. BlogExpress:
9. RSSConnect:
10. Awasu Personal Edition:
11. Google Reader (ONLINE):
12. Bloglines (ONLINE):

I have the RSS reader. Now what?
Now you need RSS feeds to read. Just like the ones Preaching Points has provided on this page. Each feed is just like the address of a Web page. All you need to do is use the ‘subscribe’ function of your RSS reader to start receiving updates from a particular feed.

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