The effect of the harvest

Stalks of wheat move in unison under the power of the wind. Forming an ebbing sea of grain, it beckons; enticing the laborer to embark on the most incredible journey of a lifetime. The challenge unfolds and the whiteness of the harvest completes its call to the willing recruit. If he’s fortunate, the young minister steps into the harvest an expert, and walks out a student.
…walks in with haste, and out with patience.
…walks in with a stride, and out with a limp.
…walks in with a shout, and out with a whisper.
…walks in with the answers, and out with the questions.
…walks in with a plan, and out with an experience.
…walks in with a map, and out with a compass.
…walks in with a statement, and out with a story.
With any good fortune at all, the laborer walks in as one man, and walks out as another.

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