Communion and Passover

Concerning “The Lord’s Supper”, I ask that anyone taking communion be born again, and living for God.

If Communion is also symbolic of the Passover, I believe there are some considerations to be made that we can draw from it.

There are many points in Exodus chapter 12 that I think are important concerning the subject…

v. 3 Take every man a lamb. With Christ as the lamb, each individual must “take” him
v. 4 If it’s too much for your household, share the lamb with a neighbor. Each individual should be committed to sharing Christ.
v. 5 Lamb should be without blemish. Another correlation with Christ’s spotlessness. We must examine Him and find Him worthy to be our Substitute
v. 6 Taking responsibility for the death of the Lamb. (Repentance)
v. 7 Applying the blood of the Lamb to our life (Baptism – Remission through His blood)
v. 8 Consume the lamb (Holy Ghost – Christ IN you)
v. 9 a) Not boiled (no watered down Jesus), but roasted (with fire). b) Cannot pick and choose the parts, but it all must be used. (No partial Gospel)
v. 10 No “Left Overs”… must consume it all. All of Him, or none of Him
v. 11 Eat it ready for departure… loins girded, shoes on your feet, and staff in hand. If you’re not ready to go, you’re not ready for the Passover meal
v. 12 Serious matter… judgment comes for those not prepared. Paul said not to take it “unworthily”, and that some were sick and some dead because they weren’t “worthily” taking communion
v. 13 Proper preparation prevents the plague (of death)
v. 14 This is a “forever” thing
v. 15 Prepare for communion by consecrating through repentance (removing leaven)
v. 16 The first work (initial salvation) and the last work (final salvation) can only be done by God. The rest of the days, the work depends on you. Eph. 2:10
v. 17 Must be observed, not as a condition of salvation but as an act of obedience and remembrance
v. 43 and 48 says that no foreigner shall eat of it, unless he becomes circumcised. No foreigner or uncircumcised person. If a person is not Born Again, there is no benefit to taking communion

I do realize the disciples weren’t “Born Again” when they partook of passover with Jesus, but I believe Christ was instituting something that day which would be carried out both spiritually in the days to come, and literally as an ordinance (as oft as ye do it) for years to come.

Communion is to symbolize the blood and body of Jesus, and if someone isn’t born again (or purposely on their way to become born again), it has no special significance in their life or for their salvation anyway. Why not encourage people to obey and convert fully before partaking in this very special ordinance?

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