Spiritual Warfare

I had a battle fierce today
Right in the place of prayer.
I went to meet and talk with God,
But I found Satan there.

He whispered, “You can’t really pray;
You lost out long ago.
You might say words while on your knees,
But you can’t pray, you know.”

So then I pulled my helmet tight,
Way down upon my ears,
And found it helped to still his voice,
And helped allay my fears.

I checked my other armor o’er,
My feet in peace were shod.
My loins with truth still girded ’round,
My sword the Word of God.

My righteous breastplate still was on
My heart’s love to protect.
My shield of faith was all intact,
His fiery darts to deflect.

My courage mounted up afresh,
I gripped anew my sword.
“Old Satan, get behind,” I cried.
Oh, Glory! Praise the Lord!

Again his darts came thick and fast.
Faith quenched and put them out.
And while he raised a new attack,
I raised the victory shout.

I called on God in Jesus’ name.
I pled the precious blood.
While Satan sneaked away in shame.
I met and talked with God.

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