2 Kings 4:1-6

Luke 17:11-19

A message about the widow woman and vessels of oil. Likening her destitute condition to our condition of emptiness/hunger/need/desire, and the fact that, as long as there is yet a vessel to fill the oil will flow. How did she feel when she realized there were no more vessels to fill?

End with the story of the 10 lepers, and how only one came back to Jesus to give thanks. Jesus’ question, “Where are the nine?”

Perhaps the man thought to himself, “This is a question I can’t answer, Lord. I don’t know what was happening back at their home that caused them to lose faith. I don’t know what was happening in their marriage that caused them to grow bitter and calloused. I don’t know what pain they suffered in their past that keeps them from receiving a complete healing. I don’t know what lies they’ve believed about themselves that cause them to feel unworthy. I don’t know what was happening in their life to cause them to be content with what they’ve received. All I know is this… I came because I want more.”

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