The Day Nothing Happened

It was just an ordinary day. It was a day like any other day. It was incredibly, boringly normal. The sun came up on the eastern horizon and settled down in the west. The usual business was conducted, normal people went about their normal lives with no real notable events taking place. It was just another run-of-the-mill day. One single day in a monotonous week, buried in a normal month, hidden in a year full of such days. It was just another date on a calendar. It was probably a day just like today, a plain old ordinary day.

As a matter of fact, the day was so unremarkable that England’s ruling monarch, George III, reportedly wrote in his journal that”Nothing of importance happened today.” That pretty well summed it up. The affairs of state had been seen to, the political wheels had continued to turn, the business of a nation had been conducted and nothing of any real importance had occurred on that simple, unassuming, ordinary day.

However, on the day that nothing happened the wold was completely changed. Future days, months and years would bear witness to the monumental change that occurred on that quiet, ordinary day. In retrospect, it was a day that would shape the future of nations. It was a day that would forever impact human society. It was the day that freedom was born and liberty was declared. That day was July 4, 1776, and it was the day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted by delegates to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. What an incredible day!

As I read the words written by King George earlier today it caused the wheels to begin to turn in my mind. It was a day just like this one. How many times do we take fore granted the gift of another normal day? How many times do we look around our seemingly normal lives in the midst of an average day and label it as unimportant, as a day when nothing of any importance is going to take place?

I want to remind you today that it was on a day just like this that this nation was born. The repercussions of that event have framed the worlds history from that day to this. It was on a day just like this that roman centurion became the first of many Gentiles to be filled with the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost. That day the gospel was demonstrated to be for the Jew and the Gentile alike and you and I become benefactors of the promise of God. It was on a day just like this that Stephen was stoned to death. That day was forever burned into the memory of the man who would later be used of God to deliver much of the New Testament to us. It was on a day just like this that a preacher decided to start holding revival meetings in an abandoned livery stable on Azusa Street.

Today may feel like an ordinary day. It may seem to be destined to be a day during which nothing of any importance will take place. However, I feel impressed to nudge your spirit today and remind you that it will be on a day like this that a chance meeting will plant the seed for the revival that will transform your city. It will be on a day like this that a spiritual foothold will be gained that will lead to a revival that will change the face of an entire region. It will be on a day like this that he will split the eastern sky.

It may seem like an ordinary day but “this is the day which the Lord has made.” (Psalm 118:24) This is a day that was divinely ordained for your life. This is a day that God planned for you before you even woke up this morning. Don’t make the mistake of writing this day off as just another ordinary day. Today is full of promise. Today is full of opportunity. God has good things in store for you today.

I can’t help but wonder today what kind of fruit tomorrow will bear from what happened in our lives today. How will this single, simple, ordinary day shape the coming weeks and months of our lives? Who will you talk to today? Who will watch you from a distance? Who will be touched by your example today? What open door will god place in your life today? What opportunity will present itself in the disguise of a day where nothing of any importance happened?

Indeed, this IS the day that God has made for you. Don’t waste it, don’t over look it and don’t underestimate it. God has a purpose for this simple ordinary day…

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