Scripture Learning Techniques

  1. Phrase 15 Method
    a. Take phrase from verse and quote* it 15 times without looking.
    b. Take 2nd phrase from verses and quote 15 times.
    c.   Add phrases together and quote 15 times.
    d. Repeat until verse is learned.
    e. Quote verse and number 15 times without looking.
  2. Read Then Learn Method
    a. Read verse number and then verse 5 times to be familiar with it.
    b. Read verse once then quote to the best of your ability (5 times).
    c. After 5 times of step b, you should know the verse.   If not, continue until
    you can quote the verse.
    d. Quote the verse 10 times.
  3. Writing method
    a. Type or write verse (It is best to read aloud while doing so.)
    b. Repeat while slowly adding on parts by memory.
    c. Type or write verse number 15 times.
    d. Follow up by quoting the verse and verse number 15 times.
  4. Trial and Error (Advance version of 2)
    a. Read the verse, then quote until perfected
    b. When perfected, quote 15 times.

*When the word ‘quote’ is used it means to recite a verse without looking at any words.

As suggested by Rev. Ryain O’Neil

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