The Evangelist and Altar Ethics

Though a minister may have passion, knowledge, etc., a lack of proper ethics will close doors and squelch your ministry. Your ethics will be what people will see and remember for years to come.

Following are some tips to help nurture ethics in altar ministry:

  • The altar must be planned and prayed for as much or more than the rest of your sermon.
  • The difference between a good and a great service is knowing how to give, make and keep the altar call.
  • Pray and ask God when and how to make the call for the individual service.
  • Throughout the sermon, make references and invitations to the altar to build the hearer’s expectation and confidence to engage in it.
  • Let visitors know that the altar is not the act of joining the church, but getting more of God!
  • Lead them with expectation.
  • Build faith leading up to the invitation
  • You must get them to the altar!
  • Make it as easy as possible for them to respond positively.
  • Ask saints to invite someone next to them to the altar.
  • Get with the musicians before service and tell them something that would be appropriate for the altar call.

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