Fashioning The Future

Joshua 3: 4-5

It was a new day in the lives of the children of Israel. The wilderness was behind.

I. The Observation For God’s People, vs.4, “You have not passed this way before…” The emphasis is not on yesterday, but on today. We are not to waste away wallowing in the failures of the past. We must seize the moment. Please note…

II. The Obligation Of God’s People, vs. 5, “Sanctify yourselves…” This sanctification included two things. One, a separation from some things. Two, a separation unto some things.

III. The Opportunity Before God’s People, vs. 5, “…tomorrow the Lord will do wonders…” God’s “thens” always follow our “ifs.” He awaits His wonders to perform. Today is the tomorrow of yesterday.

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