Seven Keys to Kingdom Harvest

Mark 4;31-32
The first key to the harvest is the seed. Without the seed there can be no harvest. The word of God is the seed that must be planted in the hearts of men. There is tremendous power in the seed.Even a tiny seed can become a big tree.

John 4;35
The second key to the harvest is the season. Harvest can be done during the harvest season when the crop is ready to be harvested. If the crop is not harvested during the harvest time the entire crop will be ruined. In the kingdom of God this is harvest season. If we fail to harvest the souls in this time the entire harvest will be lost.

Matthew 21;28-30
The third key to the harvest is the servants. During harvest time there is a great need for servants. No one can be idle during harvest time. In the kingdom of God the time has come for every believer to be active in the service of God. The entire body of Christ must get involved to bring in the harvest of souls.

The fourth key to the harvest is the soil. Seed sown by the wayside or among thorns or among rocky soil will fail to yield fruit. Only seed sown on good ground will bring forth fruit 30fold ,60fold and 100fold. Therefore it is important to prepare the soil by prayer before sowing. The hearts of the people should be receptive to the word of God.

Psalms 126;5-6
The fifth key to the harvest is the willingness to sacrifice. God’s people should be willing to sacrifice their time and energy and talent and money and pleasures and comforts to bring in the harvest. As long as people cling to everything they like and refuse to sacrifice they will not get wholeheartedly involved in the harvest.

I Corinthians 12;3
The sixth key to the harvest is the showers .Rain is indispensable for the harvest. This is the outpouring of the Holy spirit. All our efforts and labor must be undergirded by the move of the Holy Spirit. Without the spirit of God all our efforts will be in vain.

Galatians 6;9 Romans 12;11
The seventh key to the harvest is the sure hope and confidence we must have in expecting the harvest. All our labor must be undertaken with the firm assurance that God will bless our efforts and we will surely reap the harvest. If we lose confidence we will get discouraged and labor with doubt and reluctance. Laboring with faith is indispensable to the success of our efforts. God will surely honor our faith and grant us an abundant harvest.

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