Why College and Career Crowd is Dropping Church

Ed Stetzer with LifeWay gave a presentation at the International Christian Retail Show on some of his recent research. Following are the top reasons they’ve found that young adults are dropping out of church in this generation:

1. They simply want a break from church (27%);
2. They felt church members are judgmental and/or hypocritical (26%);
3. They moved to college and didn’t find another church (25%);
4. They have work responsibilities that keep them from attending (23%);
5. They moved too far from church (22%);
6. They just got too busy, even though they’d still like to attend (22%);
7. They didn’t feel connected to the church in the first place (20%);
8. They disagreed with the church’s political/social stance (18%);
9. They decided to spend more time with friends (17%);
10. They were just going to church to please their parents (17%).

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