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Glory Seeker

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Gehazi had issues. Some of the same issues I see in preachers and other Christians today.

Gehazi was the mouthpiece for Elisha. He spoke the words Elisha told him to speak. He carried the staff Elisha told him to carry. When the Shunamite woman was to have a child, it was Gehazi who delivered the news. When her child died, Gehazi ran with the staff. When Naaman needed cleansing, it was Gehazi who gave him the instructions.

Gehazi’s problem… one of them, at least… is he never got the recognition for the miracles.

When the Shunamite woman built a room, it contained one bed, one lamp, one table, and one chair. Not two. Nothing for Gehazi.

When the woman’s child died, she came and fell down at Elisha’s feet, not Gehazi’s.

When Gehazi ran to the child with the staff and laid it on him, nothing happened.

When Naaman was cleansed, gifts were brought to Elisha, not Gehazi.

Gehazi’s anger was building over time. His resentment for not receiving credit for the things [i]he[/i] had done was destroying him. Until, finally, he stole the things that belonged to the glory of God. Gehazi was a glory seeker. He took the credit for God’s work.

Would to God that we could be content just participating in the wonderful things He is doing, and simply continue to reflect the glory to Him.

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