The Five Top Reasons Churches Don’t Grow

kloster Lehnin #2Bill Tenny Brittian writes: “When I get called in as a consultant to work with stuck, plateaued, or declining churches I have a couple of things I look for right off the bat. In the vast majority of the cases I discover that their inability to grow, let alone sustain, their membership is caused by one of six issues. And yes, I know this post is called the top FIVE reasons churches don’t grow, but I have to throw in the one stopper for church growth, no matter what else is happening. Indeed, you can major on “fixing” the top five for the rest of eternity, but if you don’t take care of this one single issue, it will be for naught.” What is he talking about? Read on… I’ve said it before, and I suspect I’ll say it again, and again, and again. The most heinous church growth killer is…

[drum roll please]

…unresolved conflict.”

Bill offers some links to articles he’s written on conflict here.

Here are Bill’s top five reasons churches don’t grow. Go over to Bill’s blog for more information on each one:

5. Ineffective Attendance Tracking

4. Lack of Guest Follow-up

3. Lack of Hospitality

3. Ineffective Assimilation/Discipleship

1. Worship Services that aren’t Worth Shouting About

What do you think? In your experience, what have been the biggest hurdles to growth?

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