How to Be a Visionary Leader

By Dave Smith

I. Dare To Dream

A. Have a desire to do something in your ministry bigger than yourself
B. As God shows you what He wants you to accomplish for His glory, put your faith
in the Lord to do it for you

II. Prepare To Dream

A. Do your homework
B. Ask yourself, as the leader, how can you, with the Lord’s help, accomplish seeing
your vision come to pass
C. Example (to get your ministry to grow)

1. Regular prayer meetings
2. Challenge your workers to knock on new doors for some period of time each
week in addition to visiting their regulars
3. Instruct them to work through their regulars and their families to exhaust
every possible prospect
4. Encourage them to improve their programs to make the ministry more
enjoyable and to have higher retention
5. Follow-up and refollow-up on every possible prospect
6. Every worker should be encouraged to have regular prayer for their ministry each

III. Wear The Dream
Put into action what you decided upon in Step II

IV. Share The Dream

A. Make all workers a part of the dream
B. God can do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think

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