What should be used for the body?
Unleavened bread was only bread available during passover.

The false doctrine of “transubstantiation” teaches that bread & wine actually turn to flesh & blood.

What is leaven?
leaven causes fermentation, but is represented in the Bible as sin. This is why passover

What should be used for the blood?
While the Bible speaks against drunkenness, it doesn’t forbid alcohol.
Jesus took the fruit of the vine, which many scholars say was wine.

How often should we take it?
Biblically, Passover happened once a year.
Can be done more, but should be done sacredly and reverently

Is it part of salvation?
Israel’s people were cut off if they didn’t partake in communion.
While it is not a salvation step, it should be considered.

What does “unworthily” mean?
The term “unworthily” doesn’t mean “unworthy”… It mean with ill intentions.

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