Houston, We Have a Problem

They were settled into a pattern of checklists, preparations, schedules and execution of duties.   As usual everything was perfect and the clock rolled on.   The team was jubilant and relaxed at their present and past successes.   They were part of an enormous project that involved thousands across America and around the world.   Then came the words from Apollo 13 that changed everything at control headquarters – “Houston, we have a problem.”

Everything was now different – No one could relax – Now, absolutely every man and every minute counted – Every station, every department, every leader, every second, and every phase of operation counted – “Houston, we have a problem.”

If three souls, lost in space, make it back to earth safely – every soul in NASA’s great organization would not relax for the next 96 hours – One person could not bring them back alone, but the composite efforts of the entire space program – Engineers, scientists, and technicians would work, around the clock if necessary, to find a way to get three souls back to earth safe.

If you believe and feel that the United Pentecostal Church is doing great – you’re right!   If you believe we are in the greatest time of revival since the day of Pentecost – you’re right!   If you believe we are enjoying a genuine move of the power and presence of Almighty God – Then you are absolutely right!   In fact, I would have to say that the United Pentecostal Church International is in the best shape it has ever been in.

I don’t want to frighten you, but there is a cry coming from this generation – “United Pentecostal Church we are in trouble!”   Three-hundred-million souls in North America are lost.   And, our only hope of getting them from earth to heaven safely is for the church – every minister and every member – to give ourselves unreservedly to the cause of reaching a lost world.

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