How to Reach the Hispanic Community

Presented By:   Elsy Cunningham Must have a burden (Paul – Cornelius): Prayer Develop a love for the Hispanic People Get rid of negative and prejudiced feelings Where do the Hispanic people live (work, recreate, etc.) in your city? Socialize with Hispanics in your community. Learn to recognize Hispanic people (i.e. grocery store, mall, etc.)… Continue reading How to Reach the Hispanic Community

How to Identify and Reach Receptive People

Some people in your community are more receptive to the gospel – and more likely to become a part of your church – than others. Good stewardship of a congregation’s limited resources calls us to invest those resources where we will see the greatest return (see Matt. 25:14ff.). So how do you find people who… Continue reading How to Identify and Reach Receptive People

Meaning of Life

Professor Steven Hawkings (Cambridge University), long considered the most intelligent man alive today, and who suffers with the disabling disease of ALS.   While appearing on Larry King Live (December 25, 1999), he was asked, “What keeps you going?”   His response:   “Curiosity.   I want to know the answers to life.”

Giving People the 5 Star Treatment

BY DALE E. GALLOWAY A Staff member’s spouse who doesn’t like you. A board member who seems determined to oppose everything you propose. An unchurched neighbor or relative who won’t give you the time of day. Getting along with others is a lot easier to talk about than to do. I used to think it… Continue reading Giving People the 5 Star Treatment

Church Gains New Life with Outreach

Several outreaches have brought new life to a Wyoming church that almost closed its doors five years ago because only a few people attended the congregation. According to the Assemblies of God (AG) News, New Life Assembly of God in Buffalo, located in the north central part of Wyoming, now has a vibrant congregation of… Continue reading Church Gains New Life with Outreach

Churches Don’t Answer Phones

God may be calling sinners, but His people are not answering when they go looking for help. A nationwide telephone survey failed to make contact with a real person at 40 percent of churches, despite repeated callbacksCup to a dozen times. Only half of those churches in which no one picked up the phone had… Continue reading Churches Don’t Answer Phones