An Insight into Calling vs. Burden

Perhaps every minister desires to be in the will of God for their ministry, and many have given interpretations of exactly how to determine what the will of God is for your life. The purpose of this [article] is to provide a little insight for those who may at this time be seeking a direction… Continue reading An Insight into Calling vs. Burden


Today, while reading Joshua 13-14, where God instructed Joshua to divide the promised land to the remaining tribes that had not yet obtained their inheritance, I was struck again with the thought of how Moses never saw the promised land. Why? In Numbers 20:1-12, when the children of Israel were complaining about not having water… Continue reading Obedience

Lord, save them from their trial, but not from their sin…

I wonder how often we do a disservice to those we love who are out of the Faith? Abram’s nephew Lot went to the sinful twin-cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. After a time, Lot is taken captive when the cities were besieged, and Abram sets out with his armies to defeat his captors. Afterward, the… Continue reading Lord, save them from their trial, but not from their sin…

Michigan Impact Video

The Michigan District of the UPCI caught a vision for evangelizing our state nearly 9 years ago, and have since increased roughly 35% in new church plants. The goal for 2009 is to plan 9 new churches within our state, and to progressively plant more churches over the next 10 years until we double in… Continue reading Michigan Impact Video

Cultivating a Missions Focus

Traditionally, we have never received an offering on our midweek service… basically, I felt once per week was plenty, and God always provided for us financially in abundance. For some time, I had been trying to think of a way to bring a stronger focus on missions in our church, and one evening a new… Continue reading Cultivating a Missions Focus

PK’s And Their Dads

Note: This is an article about “Preacher’s Kids” written by Tony Suarez, of Iglesia De Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia where to start… I’m not sure who to write to: the PK’s or the Fathers… I knew at a very young age that I was going to be in the ministry…actually I can’t think of anything… Continue reading PK’s And Their Dads

Success of a Pastor

~by Jay Jones For me, success will come when I can do as the unnamed servant of Abraham, who went to find a bride for his master. He was unnamed, so his anonymity would bring glory to his master, and not himself. He was unselfish, as he gave everything to his master’s pursuit. He sacrificed… Continue reading Success of a Pastor