Lord, save them from their trial, but not from their sin…

I wonder how often we do a disservice to those we love who are out of the Faith?
Abram’s nephew Lot went to the sinful twin-cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. After a time, Lot is taken captive when the cities were besieged, and Abram sets out with his armies to defeat his captors. Afterward, the king of Sodom tells Abram, “you can have the goods, but give me the people.” Lot went right out of the captor’s hands and back into sinful Sodom and Gomorrah. I wonder if the defeat of those cities could have been the salvation of Lot, if Abraham had just left the situation alone?
How often do our well-intentioned prayers for the financial blessings, healings, fixed-relationships, etc. actually hinder the work of God in the lives of those we love? Could it be that their situation is the very tool God is trying to use to shake them awake?

On a side note, Abraham rejected the “goods” of Sodom. See, we can do outreach without having to take to ourselves the “goods” of the world. And so it should be.

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