Quoted: Napoleon Bonaparte on Christ’s Love

Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself founded empires; but upon what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ alone founded his empire upon love, and at this hour millions of men would die for him. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Called to Preach?

I’m always just a little leery of the phrase, “called to preach”. In my estimation, a person is first “called to minister” before they find the distinct area that God is wanting to use them in. I think people get messed up when they pursue some “high calling” without first learning to minister. Often they… Continue reading Called to Preach?

An Insight into Calling vs. Burden

Perhaps every minister desires to be in the will of God for their ministry, and many have given interpretations of exactly how to determine what the will of God is for your life. The purpose of this [article] is to provide a little insight for those who may at this time be seeking a direction… Continue reading An Insight into Calling vs. Burden


Today, while reading Joshua 13-14, where God instructed Joshua to divide the promised land to the remaining tribes that had not yet obtained their inheritance, I was struck again with the thought of how Moses never saw the promised land. Why? In Numbers 20:1-12, when the children of Israel were complaining about not having water… Continue reading Obedience

Quoted: Sydney J. Harris on Love and Hate

Love is difficult to sustain, not because it is a positive emotion, but because it is a complex one. Hate is easy to maintain for a lifetime because it is a simple one. Love might be compared to the building of a tall and elaborate sandcastle, taking many hours of painstaking effort, cooperation, balance, and… Continue reading Quoted: Sydney J. Harris on Love and Hate