They Found a Road

A recent article from AFP news recounts an archaeological find in Jerusalem: a famed 1,500-year-old street which had been lost for centuries. There was a map that showed the existence of a thoroughfare… the main road into the city of Jerusalem… that had been missing for years. Time and tradition had obscured it, and even… Continue reading They Found a Road

Called to Preach?

I’m always just a little leery of the phrase, “called to preach”. In my estimation, a person is first “called to minister” before they find the distinct area that God is wanting to use them in. I think people get messed up when they pursue some “high calling” without first learning to minister. Often they… Continue reading Called to Preach?

Preaching to Penetrate

By Larry Moyer Speaking to a broken heart is like giving nourishment to a starving child. Speaking to a hard heart is like correcting a rebellious teenager. So how do you do it? If you’re looking for an easy answer, it’s not there. But here are some helpful ideas – ones that may crack open… Continue reading Preaching to Penetrate

The Foolishness of God

I Corinthians 1:19-25 Luke 1:26-38 Mary was a virgin, incapable of giving birth. What the angel had spoken to her was a physical impossibility. Surely, the Lord’s declaration seemed foolishness to this young woman who had never “known” a man. Naaman, simply dip seven times in the water. Woman, pour oil from that pot. Mouth,… Continue reading The Foolishness of God

Quoted: R.A. Torrey

There have been revivals without much preaching; but there has never been a mighty revival without mighty praying. R.A. Torrey – The Power of Prayer

Sermon Creation

Thoughts by Pastor Jay Jones Determining your text Finding your scripture text can be accomplished a variety of ways. The preacher can   choose a text, use a text that is assigned to him, or work through a prebuilt list of texts from his previous study. It is valuable to write down insights and scripture… Continue reading Sermon Creation