They Found a Road

A recent article from AFP news recounts an archaeological find in Jerusalem: a famed 1,500-year-old street which had been lost for centuries. There was a map that showed the existence of a thoroughfare… the main road into the city of Jerusalem… that had been missing for years. Time and tradition had obscured it, and even… Continue reading They Found a Road

Navigating Change

Recently Rodney Shaw, who is an accomplished author, editor and leader within the Apostolic Pentecostal movement, made the following statement regarding “change”… I wanted to challenge both the establishment and the up-and-comers in a responsible, respectful way. Change is here, and if we don’t realize it, we will shrivel into nothing. On the other hand,… Continue reading Navigating Change

Policewoman Fired for Refusing to Wear Pants

A Daily News Update from the editors of Charisma magazine Thursday, August 26, 1999                         Vol. 1 No. 127 POLICEWOMAN FIRED FOR REFUSING TO WEAR PANTS An 18-year police officer has been fired because she refused to wear trousers on the job, arguing that… Continue reading Policewoman Fired for Refusing to Wear Pants