Learn Spanish in Six Hours

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. – Matthew 10:22

Recently, I heard a commercial that touted an amazing claim. “Learn to speak Spanish in only 6 hours!”
“Six hours? There is simply no way to learn an entire language in six hours!” I thought. One thing is for sure, that advertiser was going to get a large response from the vast audience of listeners that day. Why? Because we’re all looking for the shortcut in life.

I don’t care how bad you want to learn Spanish, though, you just can’t do it in six hours. It takes discipline, it takes study, and above all it takes commitment. Likewise, becoming what God wants us to be isn’t a “six hour” job, either.

Often, we grow discouraged at our failures or setbacks, or feel like giving up when our progress isn’t as fast as we’d like. But you can’t learn to live for God in “six hours”. Your healing won’t always come in six hours; your relationship won’t mend in six hours. Your prayer life doesn’t just blossom in six hours. Living for God takes discipline, study, desire and, above all, commitment. There’s that word again, “Commitment.”

Not long ago I counseled with a married couple in distress. “Do you know the difference between a married couple and a divorced couple?” I asked. “The answer is, ‘Commitment.’” See, married couples usually face the same struggles that cause others to divorce. What is the difference between someone who stays in the Church and those who throw in the towel? You guessed it. Commitment.

I want to give you an outright challenge right now… Make a pledge to God that you will give him 100% for 60 days. Read your Bible, pray and talk to someone about Jesus every day. Give faithfully to the church. Attend every service available. I can’t give you results in six hours, but if you will take this challenge, I promise that your “God journey” will be the best it’s ever been. The ball is in your court now. Can you handle commitment?


  1. you are right, my wife and i came from divorced parents, her kids and my kids have the experience of divorce parents but i have taken a stand, stand w Jesus that our son will not know about divorce parents, 14 yrs in the making and still going strong,not without strugles but still going forward, it is all about commitment to Jesus

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