How to Reach the Hispanic Community

Presented By:   Elsy Cunningham

Must have a burden (Paul – Cornelius):
Develop a love for the Hispanic People
Get rid of negative and prejudiced feelings

Where do the Hispanic people live (work, recreate, etc.) in your city?
Socialize with Hispanics in your community.
Learn to recognize Hispanic people (i.e. grocery store, mall, etc.)
Not all Hispanics look the same.
Listen for accent and/or language.

Learn all you can about the Hispanic Culture.
Hispanics retain (and love) their Latin culture even though they are living in USA.
There are 33 Spanish-speaking countries.
They are the same in many ways … but in other ways they are very different (i.e. USA, England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, etc…).
Hispanic people love to eat and love to entertain.   Eat the Spanish food and you will automatically have a “foot in the door”.
The predominant religion among Hispanics is Catholicism.
Do not tear down their worship and/or commitment to the Catholic Church.   BUILD on it.
Emphasize the Pentecostal style of worship and preaching.   Hispanics enjoy lively music.

Learn some key Spanish phrases.
Hello. How are you?   … Hola, como esta usted?
Where are you from?   … De donde eres?
What is your name?   … Cual es su nombre?
My name is ________.   … Mi nombre es ___________.
Please visit my church.   … Venga a mi iglesia por favor.
Are you a Christian?   … Eres Cristiano?
Do you have a Bible?   … Tienes un a Biblia?
Have you obeyed Acts 2:38?   … Has obedecido Hechos 2:38?
Have you been baptized in the name of Jesus?   … Has sido bautisado en el nombre de JesuCristo?
Have you received the Holy Ghost?   … Has recibido el Espirtu Santo?

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