Ministerial Housing Allowance

Information passed on to me from a fellow pastor, Greg W. Davis.. Housing Allowance is “Social Security” taxable. It along with your net “business ministry” expenses pool down to a “Net Income”. One pays .14 approximately for everydollar of “net income”. The net income than flows to the income section of your personal 1040 less… Continue reading Ministerial Housing Allowance

Apostolic Revival Corps (ARC)

When I was Section Youth director about 10 years ago, I started a program called, ARC (Apostolic Revival Corps) that traveled to various HM churches in our district and conducted training, outreach and services. Our team was made up from 20 to 30 young people from our section and included musicians, young preachers and passionate… Continue reading Apostolic Revival Corps (ARC)

Whinnie the Pooh’s Ministry Guide

We can find sound advice in the most unlikely of places sometimes, can’t we? Winnie the Pooh himself will tell you he is a “bear of little brain,” but he also has an uncommon, clear-eyed wisdom. Because of Pooh’s thoughtfulness for his friends (which comes second only to hunny), he would likely make a pretty… Continue reading Whinnie the Pooh’s Ministry Guide

Do we have “all truth”

By Darren Shelton Some have asked the question, “do we have all truth?” This is a prudent question with a simple answer and a right answer. Understanding that clarification is key to properly pursuing “all truth.” The simple answer is no, we don’t have all truth in the sense that we don’t know everything there… Continue reading Do we have “all truth”

Biblical Hermeneutics

By Ron Wofford I. Introduction A. This course is designed to give the student a brief, yet basic and intelligent method of interpreting the Bible. B. The scientific term for this discipline is hermeneutics. 1. It is sometimes listed as Hermeneutica Sacra. 2. This is done to distinguish it from the interpretation of secular materials.… Continue reading Biblical Hermeneutics

Michigan Impact Video

The Michigan District of the UPCI caught a vision for evangelizing our state nearly 9 years ago, and have since increased roughly 35% in new church plants. The goal for 2009 is to plan 9 new churches within our state, and to progressively plant more churches over the next 10 years until we double in… Continue reading Michigan Impact Video