Whinnie the Pooh’s Ministry Guide

We can find sound advice in the most unlikely of places sometimes, can’t we? Winnie the Pooh himself will tell you he is a “bear of little brain,” but he also has an uncommon, clear-eyed wisdom. Because of Pooh’s thoughtfulness for his friends (which comes second only to hunny), he would likely make a pretty… Continue reading Whinnie the Pooh’s Ministry Guide

When It Is Wise to Wait

(Psalm 130:1 – 8 ) Timing is critical in business, science, and sports. But, most importantly, it’s essential in the believer’s life. To keep in step with the Lord, we need to carry out His instructions in His timeframe. Waiting on God means seeking further direction from Him while we remain in our present circumstances.… Continue reading When It Is Wise to Wait