Do we have “all truth”

By Darren Shelton

Some have asked the question, “do we have all truth?”

This is a prudent question with a simple answer and a right answer. Understanding that clarification is key to properly pursuing “all truth.”

The simple answer is no, we don’t have all truth in the sense that we don’t know everything there is to know about our great God. We will spend eternity learning and coming to know Him.

But at the same time, it is a mistake that can lead to egregious error to suggest that we are all just fellow travelers along with those of other doctrinal persuasions, just a little farther down the road than they are.

There is a very clear line of demarcation drawn in the Scripture–the New Birth. When we are born again, the Spirit of adoption cries out through us, “Abba Father.” That is when we come to “know Him,” and it is the beginning of our journey. There will never be a greater understanding of the plan of salvation than as is self evident in scripture and encapsulated in Acts 2:38.

So the right answer is that we have “all truth” as it pertains to salvation and that while we may grow in our depth of understanding of that Truth, no new truth will be revealed along those lines. The greater understanding of truth that we seek is to know about His nature, His purpose, and His will.

Sadly, there are some who have forsaken vital doctrinal principles and they defend their actions by repeating the mantra of “Who are we to think we have all truth?” We must carefully guard ourselves against those who would woo us toward error and we do so by girding our loins with truth as Paul instructed the church at Ephesus to do.

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