Investing In The Kingdom

A friend mentioned recently about a thought he’d heard on the radio concerning investors and consumers.

The point made by the radio commentator was, if someone purchased a top of the line Mac computer several years ago, and another person invested that same amount of money into Apple stock at the same time, the computer would be devalued today, but the stock would have grown significantly, bringing wealth to the individual.

I have been thinking today about the value of investing, and remembering that what I am investing into the Kingdom is worth it all. Many times scripture speaks of “great reward” in heaven to those who invest heavily here. As soon as we take our eyes off our heavenly reward and begin evaluating our earthly successes (even ministerial successes) or lack thereof, we can grow increasingly discouraged, or even unrealistically enthusiastic with our results. It’s very similar to watching the rise/fall of stock market indicators… looking at the present may be very discouraging, or even overly exciting, but the fact is the final reward comes when we cash out.

I’m reminded today to keep my vision fixed on Heaven, and my hands working my investment into the Kingdom now. If you’re discouraged with the visible results of your ministry, remember that your true reward comes later. And if you’re excited about what is happening in your ministry, thank the Lord for it and buckle in for the long-haul… because when the “stock dips” and discouragement sets in, you’ll have to remember that it’s just as much worth it through the dark times as it was through the bright ones.

But keep investing.

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