Nuggets of Wisdom for Preachers

1.) Pray always
2.) Be patient
3.) Love the Word
4.) Keep a journal of ideas
5.) Remember that God is sovereign
6.) Listen to your wife
7.) Nothing happens overnight
8.) Be a giver
9.) You are a servant … never a master
10.) Take notes on everything, keep every note you take
11.) Hurting people hurt people
12.) You can only see 30% of what people are feeling, treat them accordingly
13.) You are always a leader, whether you are doing well or not
14.) Every person is valuable and all flesh is designed to fail
15.) Nothing can take the place of prayer
16.) Always look for a door of reconciliation … always
17.) Saints are sheep – they have to be led, they can’t be driven
18.) Take care of your family – saints will come and go
19.) Relationships are invaluable, connect with as many peers as you can
20.) To thine own self be true – don’t copy anyone, develop your own ministry
21.) Never seek a position or title. If it is God’s Will, it will come
22.) When it comes time to “step down” then step down in the same way you “stepped up” – with grace, dignity, thankfulness that you had the opportunity to serve the kingdom
23.) Always leave something better than the way you found it. Leave a legacy for the next person
24.) There are two primary choices in life: Accept things as they are or accept responsibility for helping to change them
25.) Know when to be silent
26.) Never lose you ability to dream
27.) People are not going to understand you and some are not going to like you … get over it
28.) Don’t feed people yesterday’s bread
29.) People resist change, God loves change
30.) Men who challenge you are not your enemies; they keep you in check and are often sent by God
31.) Refuse to be offended
32.) Don’t preach for response
33.) Talent alone does not justify using someone, a servant’s spirit does
34.) Don’t throw rocks at every dog that barks
35.) Give the Word the credit it deserves
36.) The message is more important than the messenger
37.) There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the rest of us, that it does not behoove any of us to talk about the rest of us
38.) Living a message is more important than preaching one
39.) Prayer accomplishes more than preaching
40.) Lessons not learned will be repeated
41.) Spend more time praying over a message than you do preaching it
42.) Love people; use money – Do not love money; use people
43.) Trust is the greatest commodity you can give or receive
44.) Do not accept gifts that make you beholden to the giver
45.) Do not dwell in an ivory tower and neglect the flock
46.) Do not dwell with the flock so much that you cannot be a prophet on Sunday
47.) Stand up straight, speak boldly, and sit down quickly
48.) Always leave them wishing you had preached longer opposed to wishing you had quit sooner
49.) Only say … “I am closing” once
50.) Never give a position to appease
51.) Always return phone calls

Bonus #52 – Never keep people standing longer than necessary … “You may be seated”

Developed by several ministers on UPCI Ministers site, WordShare

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