The Evangelist and Family Ethics

Though a minister may have passion, knowledge, etc., a lack of proper ethics will close doors and squelch your ministry. Your ethics will be what people will see and remember for years to come.

Following are some tips to help nurture ethics in dealing with family relations:

  • The needs of the family come first, before your ministry.
    • God first, Family second, Ministry third
  • Use your children, but don’t force them. Set an example for them to follow.
  • There must be a balance with family and ministry.
    • Be sure your family receives ample attention, and that all your time is not spent on entertaining the pastor. While the ministry does need special attention, your family’s happiness is equally or more important.
  • Your family says volumes about your ministry, so make sure you invest properly in them and their spirituality.
  • Be sure to share responsibilities. The entire family should equally lend a hand to the work needed, so that no one gets overwhelmed.
  • Don’t be afraid to say, “no” when you are asked to go out to eat and have planned family time.
  • While traveling, take time out to vacation. You and your family need it!
  • Remember the needs of the children as they grow. Especially as a teen! Be willing to change your ministry habits to help your family.
  • Have regular devotion time with your family. Take time to pray with them on a regular basis.
  • Remember that it is easier for you and your family to adapt than for an entire church to adapt to you.
  • Be friendly and courteous to everyone in the church.
  • Before service, have your whole family go through and personally greet as many people as possible with a handshake.

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