Quoted: Randy Keyes on Separation

“It troubles me when I hear people talk about our doctrine and they are referring only to our belief and convictions on the new birth, the revelation of the oneness of God, and our Acts 2:38 experience. They call that our doctrine. Then they call our lifestyle “standards.” I want you to know the doctrine of seperation is not only a doctrine of the church; it is the purpose of the gospel. It is not an additional doctrine to embrance… …but I tell you (Acts 2:38) that’s only the way out, the path to get us out of sin and out of the world system. To say we believe Acts 2:38 and rejoice in the doctrine of the new birth but do not rejoice in the doctrine of separation is to say we rejoice over the good news about salvation but we don’t rejoice over the purpose of the gospel. The purpose of the gospel is to bring us out of that world, get it off of us, get it out of us, and get us away from it.”

From the January issue of The Pentecostal Herald

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