Church Growth Strategy

Denzil Holman, pastor of River of Life Fellowship in Bakersfield, CA and author of several books ranging from prayer to unity to revival, presents the following practical list for Church Growth.

1. Visualize
Without a vision, we have nothing to strive and reach for. Visualize new people in the pews, altar and bapistry.

2. Analyze
Where are we now? Where do we go from here? Analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Forget past defeats, Reach forth with faith.

3. Utilize
We are the key. If it is to be, it is up to me. Realize that it is our time, talents and gifts that will be used by God.

4. Prioritize
Life is a matter of setting priorities, single minded. What is important to us and the kingdom of God. Jesus went to Calvary for this Cause. We will give ourselves this year as never before. The lateness of the hour demands commitment.

5. Agonize
This is a spiritual cause and battle. Intercession and travail is necessary to bring about revival and spiritual births. Prayer must be paramount. This cannot be accomplished in the flesh. We need God and prayer is our lifeline.

6. Organize
Inspiration without direction equals frustration and eventual stagnation. Develop a plan and straegy for growth. Organize to use each individual’s gifts and talents.

7. Evangelize
Put the transmission lever into drive. Put into action the plans and strategy. Angels don’t witness and preach. We are His mouth, hands and feet. Do it. The Great Commission is our mandate to evangelize.

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